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Below you will find some wonderful animals we have for sale. If you are interested in any of them please feel free to e-mail me for more information and prices. We do ship, however it is very expensive.

*Due to the change in every rabbit, we do not sell junior animals with the guarantee of winning. We do sell animals with the guarantee of being healthy and having no disqualifying faults at the time of purchase.

Jersey Woolies


"Wild Meadows Keebler"   DOB: 5/9/04 Reg. Squirrel Buck
One of my main herd sires. Has thrown me AMAZING babies. VERY small (reg at 1lb 12oz). Very nice head and coat. Really great addition to any herd. $65

"Wild Meadows Gilroy"   DOB: 7/24/07 Black Pt. White Jr. Buck
Cute little buck with great coat and coloring. slightly flat over the HQ. Out of a GC AOV buck from Deb Snyder in Michigan. $20

"Wild Meadows Dolittle"   DOB: 7/23/07 Siamese Sable Jr. Buck
Cute little buck that is going to have a SUPER head. A little weak in the lower HQ but very compact. Out of Erb's line on the dad's side. $20

"Wild Meadows Quinten"   DOB: 7/22/07 REW Jr. Buck
Very small compact buck with a super promising head. Out of Erb's line on the dads side, Import on the moms. Just to many bucks. $20


"JJ/Star's Moeisha"   DOB: 12/19/03 Proven Siamese Sable Doe
Very nice brood doe (1 GC leg) and good mom. Am keeping some daughters out of her so it is time for her to go. $25

"Wild Meadows Sobe"  DOB: 4/12/04 Reg. Bkn. Black Doe
Sobe has been my main herd doe for brokens. She is a very striking doe with a great coat and head. Nice and small. Biggest fault...a bit long in the midsection, but that gives you lots of nice babies. $25

"Wild Meadows Becky"   DOB: 7/25/07 Black Jr. Doe
I think this doe will be more of a brood type doe. She has a wonderful body and coat but is lacking a bit in the head and is a bit long in the midsection. She is out of my super tiny buck Keebler and carries agouti. $20

"Wild Meadows Teaberry"   DOB: 7/28/07  Broken Opal Jr. Doe
Very small doe. Repeat breeding of two older does I am keeping. I am keeping this girls brother. Show quality. Should mature out with great head and coat. Also has a really good broken pattern. $35


"Wild Meadows Charlie"- DOB 4/30/08-Charlie Buck    $15
                                     Out of my BIS winning doe Eclipse and one of my
main herd bucks ,Cane. He is pretty nice but I have too
many bucks and he is a charlie.


"Wild Meadows Abiel "- DOB 4/30/08-Standard Buck    $40
If I didn't have so many bucks I would be keeping this guy.
He is a littler mate to the charlie buck that I have for sale. I
think that he will be a pretty nice buck when he matures.


"Wild Meadows Sport"- DOB 5/3/08-Sport Doe    $20
                                     Out of my GC Buck "RD's Sly. She has even color but is a pet/brood doe. Super sweet personality.



 Florida Whites
"Wild Meadows Tallahasee and Wild Meadows Fort Meyers"   DOB: 2/21/08  Jr. Bucks
These bucks are pretty decent. I wanted to keep one of them but I have too many bucks at the moment. Their father has two sisters that have gone BIS and their mother has a leg. There are pictures of their parents on the website. $30

Wild Meadows Tallahasee.

Wild Meadows Fort Meyers

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